Reta War

Gaia and Nate are fighting over Reta's legacy. The fight between the two gods has expanded to the human world today.


Like the title of the game, Reta Wars, this battle is a key element of the game and the most important P2E content. Reta War is a large-scale battle simulation in which players are divided into two factions, gather troops and resources for their own victory, and fight with precise calculation. As a result of this battle, players can earn GRT, the core P2E Reward of the game.

Two Faction

Users start the game for their own benefit, but now they have to join a group and play against other groups for a bigger profit. That's faction.

Players must select one of two factions on the screen to set up their profile. After completing their profile by selecting one from ‘Gaia’ or ‘Nate’, which are the names of factions named after the gods, players can receive territories and deploy heroes.

Before the player chooses a faction, they can check some simple information. the player can estimate the victory or defeat of the recent battle and can estimate how much compensation was distributed on average.

Although it is not impossible, it's not an easy thing to reverse a decision once made a decision, so they have to be careful.

Users will need to vote for the faction's victory and, if necessary, discuss the strategy in the community. This is because the profit from the faction's success is directly related to the users' gain. Users can get rewards and voting rights proportional to their contribution to the faction. It's like how a DAO works.

Reta War

Players need to support supplies in order to ‘win’ a war or sometimes to ‘lose’ one. This includes war materials harvested from the production facilities such as Mine, Lumber Mill, and Farm. The player can supply the materials to their faction until 10:00 AM (UTC) every day. On the faction screen, players can check the materials they have supplied today and the total amount of supplies that have been accumulated in the faction so far.

Eventually, when the war begins at 12:00 PM (UTC), the computer runs a large-scale battle simulation based on the combat power and supplies of the heroes placed in the barracks by players from both factions. After the simulation is over, the player can enjoy the large-scale battle results on a separately prepared UI. If the player sends out a hero with high combat power, they can also watch the hero's progress in this battle screen.


One factor that determines the victory or defeat of this war is the players' votes. See the Voting system for more details.


All resources supplied by members of both factions during the day are burned every day at the end of the war. and based on this, players can earn GRT. this is more allocated to the faction that wins the war. Players can receive GRT for their faction and their contribution rankings in wars.

Players must contribute to the war to earn GRT. War contributions include:

  • Battle log of heroes placed in the barracks by the player: damage dealt to enemies, damage taken from enemies, remaining HP

  • Strategic resources supplied by buildings in the territory: Morale, Military Secret

  • Natural resources supplied by buildings in the territory: Wood, Ore and Food


Once a week, players with outstanding achievements in each field can earn Governance Token RETA. This represents the ranking for the war, so the rankings for each category are recorded individually.

  • Battle Rank in Reta War (1~100)

  • Strategic Resource Supply Rank: Morale and Military Secrets (1~100)

  • Natural Resources Supply Rank: Ore (1~100)

  • Natural Resources Supply Rank: Wood (1~100)

  • Natural Resources Supply Rank: Food (1~100)

The rankings will be a field of fierce competition. Rankers are given RETA, which will rise steeply as you rank. The amount of RETA awarded to 1st place will surprise everyone. And everyone will understand the effort required to get 1st place.

A certain amount of RETA must be paid as a fee to earn Ranking Rewards. This fee will go to the Dividend Pool in full and will serve as a staking reward for RETA holders.

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